Oil Rig Employment

oil rig employmentThere is still a lot of money to be made by working in the oil industry even though many argue that peak oil has arrived and that the industry is destined to fail. Many specialists in the industry, however, argue that the oil industry has a long way to go before a real change is necessary. Therefore, they argue, getting into the business is a viable way to deal with the down economy and make some money in the fossil fuel business. Another business people are going into is the natural gas industry. This is not without some controversy because frakking for natural gas is said to cause some major ecological problems such as leaching gas into people’s water supplies, and even causing earthquakes. If one is going to take a job in natural gas or oil, it is good to know the longevity of the industries, and also to know the controversy surrounding them.

Drilling for Oil in the Ocean

drilling for oilPeak oil has become a hot topic of discussion of late, and much of this has to do with the increase in ocean drilling. For many in the peak oil community this signifies that in fact peak oil has very much arrived and deep sea drilling is the natural response to the issue. Now, many in the industry say that there is no such thing as peak oil, and that ocean drilling is a result of government keeping oil companies form wilderness areas that are still rich in oil reserves. The desire to enter these areas, though, has resulted in the ire of conservationists who say that drilli8ng in wilderness lands is destructive on many levels. Therefore, there appears to be no easy way around peak oil or the lack thereof, and many are suggesting that alternative energy is more necessary than ever. Without it, they say, this trend of deep sea oil drilling will continue.

Anti-Fossil Fuel Movements

activismThere has been a lot of activism opposing the fossil fuel industry over the years, and there are a variety of reasons why this is the case. The first issue is that as peak oil has been reached, the costs of fossil fuels have gone up. This in turn affects the costs of everything else since the industrial economy has become so dependent on fossil fuels. This leads to issues such as war and famine. Now, one of the tactics folks take to oppose fossil; fuels is printing off flyers and handing them out to neighbors. They will even take the flyers with them into the city and pass them out. This has made for a largely decentralized activism movement that people can take part in with groups or on their own. This is a bog issue for many people, and their passion about it makes for some consistent and ongoing activism that is recorded both by mainstream media and independent media.

The Push for Stronger Green Energy Regulation

green fuelWith the recent scandal out of Canada wherein a private company, with Canadian knowledge, did an ocean seeding experiment, there has been more of a push toward developing more stringent green energy regulations. For example, some lawmakers want there to be strict penalties for anyone that violates international water laws, like the private company did off the coast of Canada. Others want to make sure than any and all green energy experiments are done with public oversight so as to ensure their safety. There has been much debate of late as to whether geo-engineering is a good thing or not, with some activists saying that its implications could be catastrophic to the environment, and others saying that it could buy the time that society needs to adapt to global climate change. IN any case, lawyers are working around the clock to make sure that the right laws and oversights are in place to make sure that everything proceeds on an official level.

Fuel Efficiency in Older Cars

enginesThe green energy movement has done much to change the landscape of cars and driving, so much that it has even affected classic car collecting. There are a couple of ways that researchers have seen this manifest. The first is in classic car racing using fuel efficient engines. In other words, the drivers are racing in classic cars that run on alternative energy, or that have highly fuel efficient engines. The other way in which green energy is changing the ways classic cars are understood is in car conventions. It has become ever more popular to showcase the green engine of a classic car as much as the car itself. In fact, there are events in which awards are given based on both the body and the engine as the criteria. Where at first car collectors were wary of the green movement, many have since embraced it, and think of it as a new challenge within their passion of classic car remodeling and collecting.

Oil Rig Jobs in Texas- all you need to know!

Oil Rig Jobs in Texas- all you need to know

There are multiple opportunities for all those people who are looking for oil rig jobs in Texas. Both, offshore and onshore job opportunities are found in Texas. There are certain factors that these oil rig employers consider will hiring employees to their rigs.

Texas oil rig jobs- Entry Level:

While you are getting started for a job at the oil rig in Texas, you first need to settle for an entry level position. After gaining experience as an entry level worker in oil rig jobs in Texas, climbing up as a roughneck will be very beneficial. If any worker manages to get this position in any oil rig of Texas, they will be handling the equipment transport and may also assist other employees to make them learn how to handle tools, cement and various other technical tools.

Texas oil rig jobs- Compensation:

When it comes on compensations, it is fortunate for any employee to land on an oil rig job in Texas as they are very beneficial. Offers like retirement plans and medical benefits are offered by most of oil rig companies in Texas.  Then again, there are other advantages as well. If you are providing services in oil rig for a long time period, then you may get higher compensation than an ordinary neophyte.  Another important factor in getting good compensation is education. Those workers who have completed a higher level of education may get high pay.

Texas oil rig jobs- Living Conditions:

The one who is vain or sensitive may not be able to survive for long at the oil rig in Texas.  This is because the oil rigs are likely to be dirty, noisy and crowded. Regardless of a few odd points, there many plus ones too, like getting great and hygienic food and having an opportunity to explore different and new places.

Doing a research before going for oil rig job in Texas is very important. This job may be lucrative in various ways, but then again, hard work is essential.

oil drilling companies in texas

Know all about the Oil drilling companies in Texas

Discovered by the Spanish explorer, Luis de Moscoso of the DeSoto, oil was and has been a part of Texas from July 1543. He discovered oil floating on the sea water in the area between Sabine Pass and High Island that is known as Galveston Bay, near Port Arthur, Texas.

Later in 1894, in Navarro country, near the Corsicana in East Texas, Prospecting Company and American Well discovered oil accidently while in search of water. In 1898, the J.S Cullinan Company, later founded by the name of the Magnolia Petroleum Company, opened their first oil drilling refinery on the Corsicana oilfield. Prompting more extensive exploration of oil reserves in Texas, the fields of this company were set to the production of commercial oil in the state. After the success of this company, more oil drilling companies in Texas were founded.

Throughout then and the next centuries, oil drilling companies in Texas have spread to the northern, western and eastern areas of the state. Today, the Permian Basin is responsible for dominating the crude oil productions. Texas has gained the image of the leading crude oil producing area in the whole nation. They account 22% of total oil productions in the United States. Just because of the growing rate of oil drilling companies, the oil industry itself accounts for 1.8 million job offerings in Texas.

Regardless of the boom the oil drilling companies in Texas have seen, the industry still faced a lot of losses. Recently in 2010, a failed blowout preventer on the BP Deepwater rig caused an explosion, causing the largest release of oil spill into water. This was the largest oil spill in the history of oil accidents. BP then faced a lawsuit that was recorded by the U.S Department of Justice for Economic and Environmental Damage.

Never the less, the oil drilling industry in Texas is still gaining ultimate importance and significance.

oil rig salary

How much can you earn through Oil Rig salary

Workers of oil fields tend to ask for high salary as the work they do is very dangerous. From drilling rig to support service to the company and from installing the equipment on drilling rigs to working at the pumping station, there are various opportunities for getting employment at the oil rigs. The workers must be aware of working under adverse conditions of weather, both offshore and onshore. Oil rig salary varies, depending on the factors like the location of drilling operation and the type of work the worker is doing. Following is the quick breakdown of various job positions and their different pays:


Roustabouts are known as a general oil field worker. Oil field supplies and heavy equipment lifting are the duties of a typical roustabout. Painting the drilling rig, moving the pipes, assembling the oil field equipment and maintaining the drill site are the typical work requirement of a roustabout. According to the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), an average hourly oil rig salary of a roustabout is $16.44 per hour and annual wage is $34,190. Offshore roustabout average earnings are $51, 4000 annually along with many other incentives like housing and meals.

Petroleum Engineers:

Petroleum engineers are the ones who design and calculate different procedures that are required to drill and form oil wells. They make an average oil rig salary of $84,960. Texas petroleum engineers made an average annual wage of $116.210 as of September 2009.

Brazers & Welders:

Welders and Brazers are responsible for safely attaching well pumping and head equipment in the oil field. They generally deal with highly volatile fuels and gases. The U.S Department of Labor reports concluded that the average annual pay of a Welder and Brazer is $37,330.

When you have joined the oil rig for a job in any field, working with full devotion and hard work will make you earn a respectable wage.

Getting started with Oil Rig jobs-no experience

Getting started with Oil Rig jobs-no experience

With the emerging oil industry, many oil rig jobs are offered as large crews are needed for new drilling rigs. The economists have quoted that the oil industry will immensely boom in the next 15 to 20 years, adding more vacancies in oil jobs, outstripping IT and financial jobs.  While most of the people are puzzled about how to get the job started, the truth is that if you are physically fit, young, determined and are willing to do a tough job, then getting an oil rig job-no experience will be as easy as snapping your fingers!

Having no experience is no issue when you are looking for a job in the field of oil rig. Getting started as land-based oil rig is surely your thing. You can even earn a job as a roustabout, more commonly known as a general laborer is the most suitable oil rig job-no experience. If you manage to work hard for at least 6 months, then you will surely be on the track of getting a position of roughneck. Working as a roughneck will be a difficult task as a lot of manual labor is needed. However, you may also avail chances of supervising a few roustabouts and help to gain other specialized positions like drillers and derrick-hands. Without any other working experience and only with hard work, you can make way to get promotion to the 2nd highest rank on the oil rig, driller.

Any university degree acts useless while on board of an oil rig. However, a convenient technical diploma or certificate, for instance mechanic or an electrician study will make you land on a job in the electrical department or in the motor room.

There are no secrets in getting an oil rig job-no experience. All you need is a small start on the place and just need to prove yourself as the hardworking one.

entry level oil rig jobs

Entry level oil rig jobs and all about them

Oil rig jobs at entry level are the type of jobs that always available. The question here arises, why are they available every time? Due to the incapability of coping with the sea life and exhausting working conditions, the oil rig industry has more turn-over rate than the average number of any other industry. With decent and healthy physical conditions, if you are man or a woman and have the liberty of moving out from home for work, then you can flourish well through the entry level oil rig job.

Physical conditions act as the most dominant factor in an entry level oil rig job posting. However, there are various factors that are needed to be kept in mind at the time of applying for this job. Initially, manual labor entry level jobs are naturally termed as Roustabouts.  If you have a habit of working regularly at are also physically fit, then applying as a Roustabout is the most suitable option. If you think working as a Roustabout is not what you are looking for, then another option in entry level oil rig job is available. If you have experience in doing manual labor in onshore drilling, then you might qualify as a Roughneck as well. Deciding the in what field you fit the most is the duty of the hiring oil rig committee.

No matter how tough the job looks like, there are multiple incentives that you may bag in. These incentives include life insurance, 401K programs, vision and dental free checkups, decent quarters for living with family, delicious and hygienic food, room for advancement, 26 weeks’ vacation per year and last, but not the least, exceptional wages.  In today’s down economy infrastructure, the offers by oil rig jobs at entry level are more ideal than those who are degree holders.

Either way, applying for oil rig jobs at entry level are worth applying as they are ideal for taking care of a person’s spending and other essential operations. Just within a few months, you can see yourself getting promotion from a new hired to an Assistant Crane Operator!